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PlasDECK Synthetic teak deck for your boat


Welcome to the new era of synthetic teak decking


PLASDECK® is created for those who want only the best for their boat. PlasDECK® is produced in Akron (USA), the world capital of Plastic Polymers. Here it is studied and created using only the highest quality components, making PlasDECK® the highest-level product available on the market.

PlasDECK Synthetic teak deck for your boat


The same quality, the same chemistry, different options

PlasDECK Classic

The Original, all the best PlasDECK features in our 5 mm thick standard product

PlasDECK Performance

Do you like speed? Check out the lightest PVC synthetic teak decking on the market! Performance weight is only 3,5kg per square meter

PlasDECK ECO Series

ECO series has a bottom layer made of recycled PlasDECK. This made our production process ecological and this product line cheaper than the others!

PlasDECK Reveal

Reveal changes the standard processing method of a classic synthetic teak. The lines are engraved through a milling process using a CNC machine, in this way it allows a level of customization never seen before.

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